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    Beginner and advanced strategies to diet, exercise, cold thermogenesis, and freezing fat.

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    These guides are exclusive for Cool Fat Burner owners & potential buyers. To check out the word’s first brown fat cooling vest weight loss device, go to www.CoolFatBurner.com

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    • Begin Here — The Startup Guide & Quick Start Checklist

      How to use the Cool Fat Burner. Dietary, exercise, and cold thermogenesis plans to get you started.

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    • Tricks, Hacks & Shortcuts

      Secret weapons to burning fat, building muscle, improving health and living optimally. Little changes can make a huge difference.

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    • Concepts You Should Know

      Energy Balance. The Hormonal Effects of Food. The Gut Biome. Low carb vs low fat diets. Learn more about these concepts, what is true and what is not, and how to apply them to yourself.

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    • The Body Recomp Plan

      Application of the most advanced and proven methods for burning fat and building muscle, in the most efficient ways possible.

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    • Advanced Concepts Behind the Body Recomp Plan

      The latest science behind burning fat & building muscle, longevity & cellular cleanup, metabolic slowdown, nutrient partitioning, creating new brown fat, and how to eat thousands of calories of junk food, and still stay ripped.

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    • Longevity

      Primary vs secondary aging. mTOR vs AMPK. DNA telomeres and oxidation damage. Hormonal status, inflammation, muscularity & other factors that can all influence aging and longevity.

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    • Glossary

      Anyone interested in health & fitness needs to know this stuff.

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