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Huge Scientific Breakthrough!

The Cool Fat Burner was put through a randomized university group experiment, and is shown to cause a
Published in the peer-reviewed "The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness." 2019 July;59(7):1238-43

Many of the subjects also experienced changes in the hormones “adiponectin” and “irisin.” These hormones are being studied for their roles in burning fat and building muscle, and also in helping treat diabetes, heart disease, cancer and longevity!

Cooling Vest Comparison


Which one can REALLY BURN HUNDREDS of calories in a few hours?

Why We're The Best


The Cool Fat Burner proved yet again it is the ONLY cooling vest that can burn 500 calories in a few hours. The copycat cooling vests cannot burn half that even if you wore them for 24 hours straight!

Energy Expenditure


**This independent 3rd party experiment was carried out at the University of CA, San Diego. UCSD does not endorse the use of any product or protocol for cold induced calorie burning; results may vary.

Customer Testimonials

before-after-bjsThe Cool Fat Burner is great for athletes — especially combat athletes and sports with weight-classes!!!
  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu blackbelt
  • submission grappling and martial arts for 20 years
  • competes in international-level events
  • instructor at several competition schools
Used the Cool Fat Burner to help cut weight and drop 30lbs in 1 month!!!  (and that was with minimal dietary or exercise changes) Also used the Cool Fat Burner for post-exercise recovery as well as chronic injury man…
BJS. Hagerstown, MD

The Original Cool Fat Burner

The world's first cooling vest PROVEN to triple calorie burn, activate brown fat, increase adiponectin and irisin levels, increase insulin sensitivity, rebalance hormones, and help burn calories and fat while preserving and building muscle.

Why We're the Best:

Cool Fat Burner inventor Eric G. was doing intentional cold exposure, before the phrase "cold thermogenesis" even existed. We are the first, best, and ONLY lab-proven brown fat ice vest. Simply put, the Cool Fat Burner has history, passion, and excellence behind it that demands real results.

We’re The First And Only Brown Fat Cooling Vest Shown To:
  • boost metabolism over 300%
  • burn 500 calories in 2 hours
  • Increase calorie and fat burning, while helping to build muscle
  • Activate and maintain maximal brown adipose levels, even through summer
  • Increase insulin sensitivity, boost the immune system, and decrease systemic inflammation
  • Increase resting metabolism, help with exercise recovery, enhance rest, relaxation, and sleep
  • Increase adiponectin and irisin, re-establish primal health and possibly even increase longevity!

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